Hi all

Welcome to our web site , nice to see you back around here.

2021 has began like 2020 ended... Everybody is still in the same situation due to the worldwide pandemic and there is unfortunately no reasons to see things go better within the next few months. Time will tell... in the meantime, stay safe and take care of your self and your loved ones.

No particular exciting news to share with you guys out there.

We continue to work hard on our new songs and we have enough materiel today to consider releasing our third CD. No timeframe so far as there is still a lot to do in terms of recordings and mixing, but it is moving on at least.

Will we have more gigs this year than last year (2), no one knows at this time. Let us be patient and hope for better days.

Web radio Rockenfolie interviewed the band on monday (01/18/2021) and we want to share this itw with you, here is the link for the podacst (sorry , all in french ;) )

We will soon get back to you with hopefully more to share.

Once again, stay safe and listen to the music. That's all that matters in these days of lockdown and curfew.



Discarded (Live in Cransac)Aveyroad
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Bug me (Live in Cransac)Aveyroad
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