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Hi everybody                                               April 13th 2020

The world has deeply changed since our last update.

We are like every one : lock-down, we stay at home, contained, hoping for better days.

Of course we have cancelled all our gig dates, it is unlikely that we will play somewhere before end of this year.

We do as many musicians and bands around the world : we play together on a remote mode that, if we already experienced it before, we would never have thought to do it in such dramatic situation.

We would like to share with you our latest song, 'What now ?' that we just released and we also made a video out of it, the four of us recording in every one's studio. See  Youtube screen on the right handside.

There is not much more to say at the moment... So, please stay home, remain contained and respect social rules when you have to go out, the less you have to leave your living place the better.

there will be days where we will meet again.

Stay safe, every one.

Love from Ludo, Pierre, Eric and Antoine.


Listen to us on CFM Radio sometimes every tuesday or download the Podcast , just follow the  link below! Program is  6 7 8 live and more by Yann.


Order LIVE ! here:

aveyroad cd 2.jpg

To and end?

At Aveyroad, we care about what's going on in our world. And to be honnest, we find it scary the way things go at the moment. Global warming, wars, floodings, fire in the rain forest and elsewhere, climate disasters,... This does not bode well. There is little we can do except deeply changing our behaviors, the way we live every day, getting rid of nasty habits, saving water to name but just a few actions.

There is also our ballot paper which counts in our democratic countries. Let's use it well. Next time.

In the meantime we could not remain speechless. For the first time in its short history, Aveyroad has released a single track 'To an End' and made a real video from the song based on our current world history. We hope you will like it. If you agree with us and we think you do, please don't hesitate to share the video as much as you can. It is not meant to make money for us. we don't do a living with it. It is our voice, and yours. Clearly some of the leaders of this world should go. It is time to change it all, and let's hope it is not too late.

Thank you.

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