*** Important communication ***

As of today, July 11th 2020, the band has decided to give Yann (Yann is hosting ‘6 7 8 live and more’ weekly program on CFM Radio) organization and controls in what concerns any concert for Aveyroad.

From now on, email address contact@aveyroad.com will be the communication link between Yann and the outside world when it comes to concert organization for the band.

We welcome Yann to his new role with Aveyroad!

See you soon




Hi every one out there!                                              July 7th 2020

We hope you are all going well, as good as can be in these uncertain times.

We know the situation differs from one country to another but what we know for sure is that we are not done yet with this corona thing that has been affected the world since end of last year...

As anyone around we have been in lockdown mode for about 3 months... Today we still can't say we are back to a "normal life", even if we can travel (with some restrictions) but at least, we can meet again with our loved ones... and this is already something. we need to keep cautiousness anyway, for a while that we don't know anything about. That's the way it is for the moment, we just hope it won't last too long.

In our last communication we said that all our gigs have been cancelled, well all except one, Phot'Aubrac festival which takes place each year in September. Aveyroad will perform there so we hope that we will see many of you that attended ur shows the last year and the years before!

Aveyroad has been busy as you know during these lockdown times. We have recorded 9 new songs in the last 4 months, pre mixed them and they are ready to go live since we were able to reunite the band last week-end for a big rehearsal session, for the first time in months!

And of course,  a new CD is on the burner with all this new material :)

We will play these songs at the Phot'Aubrac festival (Sept.20th), so stay tuned for more information. In the meantime you can check out our Facebook page.

We will be back soon!

Stay safe every one. Just don't forget that this worldwide sanitary problem is not behind us yet.

Love from Ludo, Pierre, Eric and Antoine.


Order LIVE ! here:

aveyroad cd 2.jpg
aveyroad cd 2.jpg

To and end?

At Aveyroad, we care about what's going on in our world. And to be honnest, we find it scary the way things go at the moment. Global warming, wars, floodings, fire in the rain forest and elsewhere, climate disasters,... This does not bode well. There is little we can do except deeply changing our behaviors, the way we live every day, getting rid of nasty habits, saving water to name but just a few actions.

There is also our ballot paper which counts in our democratic countries. Let's use it well. Next time.

In the meantime we could not remain speechless. For the first time in its short history, Aveyroad has released a single track 'To an End' and made a real video from the song based on our current world history. We hope you will like it. If you agree with us and we think you do, please don't hesitate to share the video as much as you can. It is not meant to make money for us. we don't do a living with it. It is our voice, and yours. Clearly some of the leaders of this world should go. It is time to change it all, and let's hope it is not too late.

Thank you.

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